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Huw, Abr 23


Wellness Practice

Vinyasa yoga led by Hunt Parr

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Wellness Practice
Wellness Practice

Oras at Lokasyon

Abr 23, 2020, 4:30 PM

Tungkol sa Event

 This Thursday 4/23/20 4:30  

In this hour-long yoga class with Hunt we will work on developing strength, stability, and clarity in our bodies, and explore the relationship with breath and mind. It will be appropriate for all experience levels. Expect to move, laugh, sweat a little bit, and walk away with a clear feeling of integration. 


Room to move

A mat

To join click this link: 

It's a strange time where some of us are busier than ever and some of us are sitting at home going stir crazy. Either way can be pretty stressful. On top of that our options to forget about the noise and to step outside of it all are limited due to social distancing. We hope that by providing free classes in topics all over the place, art to meditation to exercise, that we'll provide a space to pause, breathe, and connect. This is open to everyone, young, old, novice, or pro. If this works we'd like to provide more than one per week!   We'll facilitate this over Zoom so that non-Facebook people can join. If you don't have Zoom then no worries it's surprisingly easy to create a free account and install on your computer and/or your phone.   

 Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels 

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